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Q: What are the fees involved in the Injective Bridge?

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There are two types of fees that are paid when bridging tokens to and from the Injective Chain: Gas fees and Bridge fees.

Gas fees are paid by the user to the Ethereum, CosmosHub or Terra networks when depositing tokens onto the Injective Chain, while a fee of 0.0002 INJ to Injective Chain when withdrawing.

Bridge fees are paid by the user when withdrawing tokens out of the Injective Chain. A Bridge fee of USD$10 (payable in token being transferred) is paid for transferring tokens to the Ethereum network and fees are waived when transferring tokens to the CosmosHub or Terra networks.

  Deposit to Injective Chain Withdrawal from Injective Chain
Gas Fee Charged by the source chain (i.e. the network where the tokens are sent from) 0.0002 INJ
Bridge Fee Waived

Ethereum: 10USD equivalent, payable in the token being transferred

CosmosHub/Terra: Waived

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